Paper Engineering


I've had the honor of being invited to speak and demonstrate paper engineering at four pop-up book exhibitions held in Asia. Two in Taiwan and two in China.

The two exhibitions in Taiwan were held simultaneously in Taichung in the middle of Taiwan and Kaohsiung in the south. ​ No sooner had we finished our appearance in Taichung then we took the hi-speed train to Kaohsiung. Both exhibits were curated by Michael Yang, an avid pop-up book collector and host of a great website called The Pop-Up Kingdom.

The second two exhibitions were held in Shanghai, and Yinchuan, which is in North Central China near Inner Mongolia.

The Shanghai pop-up book exhibition was held in an upscale shopping mall in downtown Shanghai. It was unusual because it was an interactive exhibition for local people to go and experience ​ pop-up books by opening them and not viewing them behind glass. The irony being that until relatively recently a lot of Chinese people could not afford to buy pop-up books produced in China.

In Yinchuan two months later myself, David Carter, and Colette Fu were guests at another exhibition. ​ Yinchuan lies on the route of the old Silk Road and consequently many travelers from the Middle East passed to and fro Yinchuan leaving an Islamic influence to the city.

As someone who loves to travel it was a wonderful experience to visit all of these places and I'd like to thank all the people that I met who made it possible and for the generous hospitality they gave me!


My first time in Mandarin!

Demonstrating "Paper Blossoms" in Taiwan.

Marion and I sign our books for visitors.

Exhibition curator Michael Yang and I.

From left: paper engineers Ray, David Carter, Marion Bataille, and Kit Lau.

I found something I recognized in the exhibit!

Curator Michael Yang arranges a pop-up book for exhibit.

Marion and I present our books to the Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung.


Exhibition poster on the Shanghai subway.

Pop-up books on display in the concourse at the mall.

The closest I'll get to seeing my name in lights!

David Carter, Colette Fu, and myself.

Colette Fu's amazing giant photo montage pop-up.

David Carter checks out someone else's work.

Visitors explore some of the books on display.

The amazing Chinese Museum of Art!


The dramatic entrance way to the exhibition hall.

I'd go back again just for the baked eggplant!

Lots of attendees hard at work making pop-ups!

I even demonstrated paper engineering to a high school math class! ​

The winners of the "Make a Pop-Up" competition.

I presented a special "Yinchuan Phoenix" pop-up to the exhibition organizers.

Lots of kids showed up to make pop-ups!

And I also found time for a little tourist sightseeing.